What is Samrakshan?

Samrakshan is a national program of the Indian Radiological & Imaging Association of India (IRIA) to address the high rates of perinatal mortality, low birth weight and preterm babies in India. The project was conceived and founded by Dr Rijo Mathew Choorakuttil who was the first national coordinator for this project that was initiated by IRIA during the presidentship of Dr Hemant Patel.


The program aims to reduce perinatal mortality in India through an approach that focuses on

  1. Integrating fetal Doppler studies with routine trimester specific antenatal scans in pregnancy
  2. Determining a customized risk assessment for preterm pre-eclampsia and fetal growth restriction for each pregnant woman
  3. Protocol based management for Preterm Pre-eclampsia and Fetal Growth Restriction
Samrakshan 757

Samrakshan is now scaling up to cover all districts of India. The scale up, that aims to have at least one Samrakshan Fetal Radiologist in every district of India is based on the encouraging results after two years of Samrakshan and the significant reduction in perinatal mortality achieved in the program. These Fetal radiologists or Samrakshan Yodhas will form synergistic teams with childbirth care stakeholders and lead the integration of Fetal Dopplers and Ultrasound assessment with antenatal care in each district.

The Samrakshan 757 project aims to reduce preeclampsia to less than 3% and Fetal growth restriction to less than 10% in India over an 8 year period.

Email if you will like to be a Samrakshan Yodha. Join a dedicated group of young, dynamic, socially conscious radiologists as they join battle for safe motherhood in India.