IRIA Books & Publication Wing

IRIA Books & Publication Wing

There is a IRIA Books and Publication wing to encourage publications of radiology and related textbooks, review books from within India and abroad. It has been aimed to encourage publications of books with inclusion of recent advancement in radiology for academic purposes, practice and regular updation.

The Indian Journal of Radiology & Imaging is the official publication and Journal of Indian Radiological & Imaging Association.  It has been decided that the Indographics’ shall be the supplement Journal of ‘Indian Radiological & Imaging Association’ focusing on review articles. It shall also be managed by team IJRI. Necessary indexing shall be done by IJRI. The ‘Indographics’ shall cover the requirement of Medical Council of India, in which the faculty and residents need to publish articles.

SHAKTI is the the Women’s Wing of IRIA. As the Women are an integral part of any society and Radiology community. The Shakti wing will focus on many things including building comradery and rich network amongst all women radiologists across India, organize women centric programs - academic and social throughout the year, have a representation in IRIA and actively participate in all programs and conferences of IRIA, ICRI and IJRI with dedicated women centric segments etc. The Shakti wing will be a platform for women radiologists to come together and help each other.

UTSAV wing will commemorate the unity in diversity in India. It will plan to celebrate all the major festivals in India across regions and religion throughout the year. This would bring members of IRIA closer as a community and boost their morale in difficult time due to COVID-19. Utsav Wing will empower the unity across various states with the motto “One India - One Radiology”.

Social Wing of IRIA has been formed to undertake social activities for the society. This wing will be socially responsible and carry out programs for the Girl Child and Women under the Raksha Wing, Tree plantation and other environment & water conservation drives, upliftment of the marginalized section of the society, Cancer awareness etc.

The Remote Radiology Program has been designed to teach the Radiologists in remove areas.

The preventive Radiology program will work for cancer and calcium score screening, publish white papers, propose to government to implement it just like the vaccination program of IAP.