How to become a member of IRIA

As per Bye-Laws of the Indian Radiological & Imaging Association, the membership is given through the state chapter where the member resides.

Applicants are requested to duly fill the enrolment form and send it along with membership subscription to the state chapter secretary of ‘Indian Radiological & Imaging Association’ of their respective state. The enrolment form and the list of state chapter Presidents and Secretaries can be downloaded from website

Membership Categories:

a) Annual Members: Means Medical Practitioners possessing Medical Post Graduate Degrees, D.N.B., or Diplomas in Radio-diagnosis recognized by Medical Council of India.

b) Life Members: Means Annual members who pay subscription in lump sum in lieu of yearly subscription, according to the Bye-laws laid down for the purpose.

c) Emeritus Members: Means any Life Member or any Annual member with minimum 10 years membership of the association and has attained the age of the 65 years, or has been retired from the active practice by reason of physical disability. Such members shall not be liable to pay subscription but shall enjoy all the rights of a member. They shall have the voting rights.  No delegation fee will be charged from the Emeritus Members attending the Annual Conference.

d) Honorary Members:

(i) Eminent members of the medical profession, who have special interest or contribution to the field of Radiology and Imaging and who cannot be enrolled as members of the Association.

(ii) Other persons who have contributed for original research and scientific advancement in the fields of Radio-diagnosis, Ultrasound, C.T., N.M.R., PET CT/MRI and other Imaging Modalities, Nuclear Medicine, Molecular Imaging, Radiotherapy, Oncology, Radio-Biology and Radiation Medicine or International Radiology or other radiological specialties/sub-specialties. This category of members shall not have the voting rights. This is open to both Indians and Foreign Nationals.

(iii) The proposal of Hon. Member should be proposed and seconded by at least 10 life members of the association.  The decision for enrolling as Honorary Member shall be reviewed by a credential committee to be nominated by the President and subsequently ratified by the General Body.

(e) Corresponding Members: Means Scientists residing in foreign countries, engaged in Radio-diagnosis, Ultrasound, C.T., N.M.R. and other Imaging Modalities Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, Oncology, Radio-Biology and Radiation medicine and Interventional Radiology or other specialties/sub-specialties and of standing in their discipline in their country. They shall pay yearly subscription to the Association but shall neither have the privileges of voting nor of holding elective office in the Association. They shall receive electronic copy of Journal and News Bulletin.

(f) Annual Student Membership abolished.

(g) Provisional Life Members: Students undergoing post graduate degree/diploma courses in recognized medical institutions can be enrolled as Provisional Life Members on payment of full Life Member Subscription and will be converted to regular Life Membership after acquiring the post graduate degree/diploma and they will have no voting right during the period of provisional life membership.

In case provisional life member does not pass his qualifying degree/ diploma within the time stipulated in Para (f) above he/she may be allowed to have extension/ continuation of provisional life membership upon request to the President. Provisional life member shall enjoy all the membership benefits of a life member except voting rights. Upon successful completion of post graduate degree/diploma the Provisional life member shall submit a copy of his post graduate degree/diploma along with the copy of the registration certificate from the Medical Council of India and to the Central office and will become a full Life member after approval by the Secretary General. Provisional life membership period will be counted as continuous membership for purposes of elections, voting rights, eligibility for orations, awards etc. Those who submit certified copy of their PG degree/diploma on or before June 30 and are not in arrears of subscription will be allowed voting right in elections and eligibility for Oration & Award in that year provided they fulfill other criteria of the same.

(h) Corporate Members: Health Care Industry representatives will be enrolled as Corporate Members. They will have no voting right. Each Corporate Member is entitled to have at least 2 representatives attending meetings with IRIA on payment of appropriate annual subscription as decided by the General Body from time to time.

Corporate Members will donate annually at the time of participation in Annual Conference of IRIA. Donation will be added to the Corpus Fund of IRIA.

(i) Affiliate Members: Those applying for fresh membership with degrees/ diplomas in Radiotherapy or nuclear medicine or medical physics will be allowed to become affiliate members only. Life membership will only be given to those with MCI recognized postgraduate degrees/diplomas in Radiology, Radio-diagnosis and Imaging.

Check list for submitting the membership form

  1. Fill the form in duplicate. Photocopy of the form can be used.
  2. Attach two recent passport size photographs.
  3. Attach proof of qualifications in Radiology.
  4. Attach copy of registration of State Medical Council.
  5. Provisional Life Members must attach certificate from their HoD certifying that applicant is resident in his/her Dept.
  6. Subscription is to be paid by demand draft to the state chapter.
  7. Form must be signed by the applicant.
  8. Form must be proposed and seconded by members of the association.
  9. All these documents should be sent to the Secretary of the State Chapter.