President Message

From the desk of President

Dear Friends, Colleagues & members of this esteemed organization, IRIA!

The ‘Indian Radiological Association’ took birth in 1931 in Calcutta with late Dr. Ajit Mohan Bose as founder President and Dr. Subodh Mitra as founder Secretary. As per the Constitution of IRIA which was registered in the year 1936-37, few of the aims and objectives are to protect and preserve the interest and welfare of members and to propagate, impart and adopt methods for community welfare. Since then, we at IRIA have always tried to fulfil these goals, to the best of our abilities.

Dr. Deepak Patkar
President IRIA

Major crisis lead to major reforms.

Though this COVID-19 pandemic is extremely unfortunate, we have witnessed in the history of mankind, any life changing reforms have been a reaction to some critical or unfortunate incidents and occurrences.

American civil war led to end of slavery financial crisis across globe led to tighter banking norms. On our own home ground we have seen, food shortage lead to green revolution, stock market scam in early nineties led to electronic trading and some more, the end point of which is that it transformed the old into something new something for the benefit of the society as a whole.

For our generation, there is little that compares to the six-month period we have just experienced due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Travel, meetings, office, schools and socializing have all fallen victim. Overnight, we had to reimagine how we work. Through all of these rapid changes, I continue to be deeply impressed and gratified by the adaptability and resilience that all our members have displayed.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and attempted to put hindrance to our planned activities, there were two options for us. First we could just procrastinate and wait for the pandemic to die out and then carry on with our usual IRIA work and onsite activities, or second, grab whatever opportunities we have and turn the situation better for us and rise and shine. We chose the latter.

Our team at IRIA, looked at this problem as a challenge and pooled our knowledge to do more as a group than any one person could do alone. The thing that separates success and failure is a dedicated team. Irrespective of how talented, driven, smart, intelligent, or passionate you are, your success as a leader depends on your ability to build and inspire a team. A successful leader is one who can motivate his or her team members to work well together in a balanced environment towards a common vision and goals. As said by Henry Ford, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”. We managed to alter and reshape our plans with the help of an excellent team of hard working and dedicated individuals.

And, if I may, I want to proudly state that we have gained much and slowly and steadily moved towards our goals and vision of a greater IRIA.

Let me start with our Webinars.

When we were planning for the first webinar, we never imagined that these e-Classes would get so popular that we would have to start conducting them on biweekly basis. They provided the opportunity to anyone with internet access to receive education of the highest level – online, without admission restrictions, and best of all, free to all the members. We have conducted lectures and quizzes with the help of the most eminent speakers of both national and international fame. The topics covered throughout were informative and helped in continuing education for the young radiologists. When the pandemic took an ugly turn and all onsite activities got cancelled or postponed indefinitely, my main worry was for our young radiologists and trainees who were losing out on valuable learning time. All the coordinators and speakers involved in these webinars took great efforts in choosing the right topics and delivering very informative lectures. For this we at IRIA and all the members across the country will be grateful to them. This is the reason behind the webinars gaining good momentum. All IRIA/ICRI Webinars continue to be popular and the number of attendees keep rising. It is quite encouraging to receive such a positive response. So much so, numerous feedbacks suggested that these online educational measures were better than the usual ones! Possibly it is true to a certain extent because many Radiologists do miss out on opportunities of learning due to time constraints and challenges of daily routine work and logistics to be able to take out time for physical attendance at educational gatherings. This same phenomena….. Was evident at the recent IRIA SONOCON 2020, a virtual conference.

IRIA SONOCON 2020 a first of its kind successful digital fete accomplished by IRIA ! Six days of pure academic extravaganza! The conference was attended by about 1850 Radiologists. A number second only to the National Conference and surpassing all others.

We learnt many new ideas from each other and were able to update our knowledge. I must acknowledge that there were many interesting and useful presentations during this entire conference, both in the plenary session and in the interactive sessions. Many original experiences were shared, and new lessons learned. Indeed, with the help of our technical experts and support, the transition from on site events to an online one was a smooth one. Needless to say, we received several positive feedback’s and many people commented that a lot of good work has been done and that the presentations as well as workshops demonstrated good practical applications and experience.

We successfully conducted over 75 lecture sessions and over 10 dedicated workshops over the span of 6 days. The MSK-US, Carotid Doppler, renal Doppler, elastography, fetal echo and CNS workshops were a total hit and well received by all the delegates.

I want to especially thank all young budding radiologists for the overwhelming response in the form of attendance and e-Paper and Poster presentations. All the entries were of very fine caliber and though we had to choose some winners, in my eyes all of you are champions.

ARMY “Sarve Santu Niramaya”… the motto of our Indian AFMS!

Our all-time warriors front, back and all around. We Radiologists took pride in our contribution as being the frontline warriors during the COVID pandemic. But we cannot forget the role of the AFMS in our “old or new normal” lives. Not to be lagging behind the radiologists of the AFMC stepped forward and conducted a brilliant entire day special webinar.

YUWA e-Symposium Talking about budding radiologists, our YUWA Wing of IRIA, under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Deb Boruah also stepped forward and conducted an extremely successful e-Symposium. The much awaited YUWA e-Souvenir was launched during the event. The souvenir is a wonderful compilation of articles and papers put together by the efforts of Chief editor Dr. Natasha Gupta and her team. The event had a wonderfully charted out program where our young YUWA members delivered informative lectures. Observing their success I must say that the future of IRIA is in very safe and able hands. Kudos to them and all the best to them for all their endeavours.

OUTREACH – Promoting innovations and technology

COVID has brought with immense uncertainty but at the same time opened up an arena of new technological innovations. We have tried to provide knowledge and awareness about these advancements and the applications of these through several webinars and lectures by esteemed professionals in the field of AI. Change is inevitable and the need to evolve with change is the need of the hour

As the President of this esteemed institution, my goals also include the welfare of the members and obligations towards the society. During Independence Day we launched 3 important initiatives by IRIA.

1- We declared the year 2020 as the Year of Academics after the success of all the educational webinars conducted by IRIA and ICRI.

2 – Radiopreneur Program- There are many young radiologists who are early into their practice setup and are fearing the upcoming EMIs, loss of patients and referrals amongst other variables. We know times are tough, but I am sure you all are aware of this overused quote- “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” We all need to stay strong!

I would suggest looking towards your seniors for help. Reach out to your mentors.

Shree Madanmohan Malviyaji of Kashi University has said, “Desh ke har dwaar par ek daata khada hai khuli thaili liye, lekin kami unn haathon kee hai, jinme wah apni bhet de sakey.”

There are helpers all around you at the IRIA also. You just need to request them for help. Keeping this in mind we had launched the – Radiopreneur program on Independence Day during SONOCON.

Please contact the IRIA House for details and ground rules.

3 – Radiologist’s Protection Program – Due to the increasing number of RTIs and litigation doctors have to face in their lifetime of practice, IRIA has launched the Radiologist’s Protection Program. This will help the members to avoid falling into trouble and combating the situation.

It is an endeavour by the IRIA to help provide protection to our member radiologists, especially the young budding radiologists. Please take advantage of this initiative because you have long years of career ahead of you. You need to protect yourself and your precious time from such hurdles and hiccups. So, if you do not already have an ongoing indemnity policy please look into the intricate details and provisions of the policy launched by IRIA.

#AppreciateOurTeachers@IRIA – Teachers have played the most important  role in our professional and personal growth. To acknowledge this and to express our gratitude towards our teachers we at IRIA conducted this first of its kind virtual celebrations on Teacher’s Day. The celebrations were like a party where we felicitated all our Past presidents of IRIA, Chairmen of ICRI, and nominated teachers of all the State Chapters. It was a mega celebration consisting of cultural dance, songs and comedy show by our own members. Such talent cannot go amiss and we need to and, will have many more such programs in future. The Facebook page created was flooded with pictures and messages of students for their teachers. The program was well received and appreciated by everyone.

RAKSHA- The Pan India Launch of Raksha was a grand success. The project is achieving its goals under the able guidance of Dr. Sangeeta Saxena and her team. We congratulate them and wish them all the best for the same. There are many upcoming initiatives under this program. I request you to participate wholeheartedly in this very important social cause of the IRIA.

Dear Zindagi – This was a first of its kind non academic venture by IRIA! I am thankful to all the guest speakers who had kindly consented to share their views and expertise on subjects such as mental, physical and spiritual health.The enormous scale of the crisis and its impact, is causing a lot of fear, uncertainty and anxiety across the globe. None of us are exempt from this feeling of dread. Amidst this entire state of panic and chaos, things have spiralled out of control.We radiologists are at the frontline of this war against COVID. Our own family, health and safety has taken a backseat. I am well aware our businesses are suffering. We are all sitting on a fence with economic activity on one side and Corona on the other. It will take a good amount of fine tuning and balancing by us, to see which side we slide onto.


I am tired of repeating “first of its kind”! But yet again we had this first of its kind online singing competition where our multi talented radiologist members were able to showcase their singing abilities. Radiologists enthusiastically enrolled for this competition in large numbers. Amongst all the positive responses one such was that the initiative was a great stress buster in these uncertain times!
It gave me a lot of satisfaction thinking about the fact that I was able to help and boost the morale of my fellow members and I do not require anything else.

WHETHER IT IS AT THE START OR THE END, I CAN SAY ONLY ONE THING THAT I cannot singularly take the credit of all the achievements of IRIA. It was entirely with the help of the best team members ever. The team spirit of the members of IRIA is commendable. I full heartedly acknowledge and thank the professionalism and hard work of all those who selflessly stepped forward in these difficult times, to take our organization to greater heights. As Henry Ford said, “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is Success.” And, this is exactly what we as an organisation have been able to achieve – Success! I hope in future also we are able to respond to issues common to our members and achieve our common objectives!

My message to all our members old and forthcoming is that, “The future is not a gift, but an achievement!” For a great future we need to achieve our goals through hard work. Never stop learning or asking questions. Always remember that we are in a field that is an art as well as a science, and we bring to the table not only technology and training but also humanity, empathy, concern and caring.

Please stay tuned-in for many more educational activities and de-stressing sessions to be conducted by us at IRIA!

In the meantime … Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Connected, and Stay De-stressed!

Long Live Radiology!

Long Live IRIA!

Jai Hind!

Dr. Deepak Patkar
President IRIA