Official Publication

Indian Journal of Radiology & Imaging

Indian Journal of Radiology was born in 1947, year of India’s independence, under Joint Editorship of Dr. P. Rama Rao and Dr. K. Manjunath Rai.  Excellent scientific papers and material were published and circulated to all the members.  Subsequently, it was under Editor-in-Chief of Dr. K. P. Modi, Dr. K. M. Rai, Dr. A. N. Menon, Dr. M. L. Aggarwal, Dr. M. G. Varadharajan, Maj. Gen. S. K. Dhawan, AVSM, Dr. M. S. Joshi and Dr. Om.J. Tavri. Joint Editor and Secretary were Dr. R. F. Sethna, Dr. M.V. Shetty, Dr. L.R. Parthasarathy, Prof. O.P. Bhardwaj, Dr. P. C. Rajaram, Dr. M.S. Joshi, Dr. Om J Tavri and Dr. Suren V. Kothari, Dr. Bhavin Jankharia, Dr. Sanjay Jain, Dr. Brig. Chander Mohan and Dr. Anirudh Kohli. Our IJRI has won many awards for excellence in medical printing awarded by Govt. of India and rated as best Journal amongst all medical Journals in India.  Our Journal got international Code No. ISSN-0970-2016 and new guidelines to authors were prepared and given and it is printed in Mumbai.  Every year four issues are published by IJRI. Now the Journal is online, and link of the Journal is sent to the members, who can download the same. The members can have printed copy of the Journal at some nominal cost.


News Bulletin

IRIA publishes three issues of News Bulletin from Central Office edited by Secretary General of IRIA. It gives excellent information about activities of the association, forthcoming programs, minutes of various meeting and informative articles about equipment purchase, service contract, tax structures and news from Healthcare Industry. The soft copy of the the News Bulletin is sent to all the members.